The purpose of this effort is threefold; my first objective is to glorify God through my art and to bring the “Good News” to people that have an interest in woodcarving. I want to somehow combine my love of God and my passion for woodcarving into a vehicle that could potentially touch a large number of people. The¬†Splinters of Faith¬†section of this site will pursue this desire to share the Lord.

Secondly, in the spirit of sharing that I have encountered with other carver’s websites, I’d like to share my knowledge of woodcarving with those that would like to learn. I’ve included photos from the beginning to the end of some projects along with an accompanying text. If one chooses, one can follow the meandering of my mind as I reflect on procuring the wood, determining projects, making models, tracking progress, tool use, making and fixing mistakes, use of finishes, etc. and numerous other thoughts about the projects as they progress.

I’ll also entertain questions from budding woodcarvers about questions they might have regarding any of my work or perhaps a project of their own.

Thirdly and the least of the objectives is obviously to allow a greater number of people to see my work. The enjoyment for me in woodcarving is in the doing, not so much looking at the finished project collecting dust on a shelf in my shop, so some of the items will be for sale and the projects may inspire some to commission me to do some work for them, which I would be glad to consider.

So, God bless you and I ask Him to also bless this website and the work that is involved herein for His glory.

I ask you to pray for me and I would love to hear from you.

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