The “Art of Loving”

It sometimes amazes me when I talk to faithful people about their faith, it seems that they have the best walk with God going. The say the best prayers, attend the best Masses, read the best books, etc. and I’m often the same way. I feel my walk with God is right on.

As I reflected on this phenomenon, I thought we might be pretentious, naive and presumptuous, which I’m sure I sometimes am and I bring these sins to Reconciliation often. But could it be that God loves us so much that He is providing for us just what we need as we strive to grow closer to Him. After all, He is the master of loving. Loving is a self sacrifice and it always cost the lover something of themselves. In Jesus’s case, it costs Him his life and an excruciating death on a cross. But what does loving cost us? In our relationships with God, spouse, family, friends and people in general; do we see ourselves as sacrificing for them? As I contemplated this, God put on my heart the idea of the “Art of Loving” as He has probably put on the minds of countless people who have a deep personal relationship with Him. The truly meaningful things of life are not things at all, but the unseen virtues of loving, charity, mercy and justice and are quite possibly, the only remnants of this life that will accompany us to eternity.

If we look at love as an art form, how much more creative thought we would give to this most important facet of our life. Artists of all genre, including myself, spend countless hours contemplating their projects, sometimes more than the actual work time that goes into bringing it to completion. And in spite of this effort, it will pass away. Yet, sometimes our spouse or family members get very little of us in the way of time and creative self sacrifice (loving), the true meaning of our existence. Wow, we truly are sometimes “fools” as the book of Wisdom in the Bible points out.

So, I invite you as one fool to another, to look at this idea of, “The Art of Loving” to think about ways we can creatively love our God, spouse, families and as Jesus taught us, love our neighbor as our self, to storehouse the meaningful parts of this life and not get so caught up in spending our time and energies on the things that will pass away.

Then, perhaps, we will begin to warrant the belief that our personal walk with God and His love for us is the best.

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