Spiritual realities

It seems to me that most people would say that we know very little about the physical creations that exist all around us and throughout the world. I don’t even know what lurks in the ground below me. Sure I know about worms and moles and such, but I haven’t a clue about the myriads of creatures that never see the light of day for the most part, just in my own back yard. That’s not considering what might be in the ground half way around the world. And it’s only considering one environment. Think of the creatures that exist in the oceans and the mountains and everything in between. I believe scientists, biologists, and archaeologists are finding new species of creatures all the time. I just wonder if God has not stopped creating. Then when we look to the skies, we have learned from the Hubble telescope that the galaxies just continue to be created and if were to think about the discoveries of DNA and all the creations that one finds with microscopes and such tools, it’s truly awe inspiring, this gift of the cosmos.

Yes, and to think that God created man as his finest creation because we were gifted with intelligence and a soul, in the likeness of the Father God. We are so blessed. Yes, I believe that God created man with a soul; therefore man has a dual nature, spiritual as well as physical. Now I know that many of our kind have a problem with the spiritual nature of man, and I pray that this reality will somehow be awakened in them. But God has told us in His word, the Bible, the spiritual man should triumph over the physical man. And Jesus Christ, the Son of God, exemplified this by his life, death and resurrection. If we are amazed with the physical realities of this world, believers have to be overwhelmed with the realities of the spiritual world, good and bad, that we know so little about, that exist in our midst. To me it’s exciting and somewhat frightening.

I don’t know if it is the wisdom of age or my yearning for God, but surely a grace from God on either count, that reality; that the spiritual man should triumph over the physical man has captured my attention of late. I have been a doer for most of my life, very much in the physical reality of getting things done. Who I was, was defined by what I did, not so much how I loved. Now I’m finding that the spiritual activities are in reality, the only enduring qualities of a physical reality.

For example, if you are reading this, you know I’m a woodcarver and I make physical images of God’s creation with wood. Although many people think these are good, the reality is that the true value of that piece of wood is in the spiritual values that made its existence possible. The wood itself will be eventually gone, but the spiritual qualities such as recognizing the grace that trees are of God’s creation, the spontaneity of the creative idea, God’s gift to be able to create the project, attitude, prayer, patience, perseverance, and other such qualities that no one can see are the enduring qualities. And I’m finding this to be true in every area of my life. The enduring qualities of any endeavor are those that people can’t see. And one word encompasses it all, love. And true love requires a sacrifice, overcoming our selfish physical natures. Jesus has showed us the way. Imagine that, God always gets it right!

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