What Jesus could have been

The other day I was thinking about our Lord and unlike Jesus, I was thinking from a worldly point of view like most of us do from time to time …like most always, rather than from a spiritual perspective as Jesus modeled for us while He was on earth. He came into this world but was not of this world; He created the world. He took a body for himself so He could identify with us humans in all things except sin in order to save us by His sacrifice. That was His Father’s purpose for Jesus, His only Son. But what if Jesus had decided not to do the will of His Father, what could He have become and what would that mean to us?

Then I extended this thought to think about the countless Saints who have chosen to follow the will of God in their lives, rather than developing other talents and self-interests that they could have pursued. By the world’s standard’s, how many of these might have gone on to be great people. How many great artists, poets, musicians, actors, doctors, teachers, heads of state, etc. might have come from that group of individuals that chose to follow God’s will for their life and serve other people’s needs rather than pursue their own exclusive self-interests?

And what about each one of us, are we fulfilling God’s purpose in our life? Do we as worldly men develop our own self-interests to the point of a blatant disregard for His will or even acknowledge the King of the Universe. Many do not concern themselves with God, but if you’re reading this I would bet that you do love God and you’re like me, trying to live a balanced life, hopefully, like the saints. Although the saints put God first in their lives, they too had other interests in their lives that sometimes allowed them to grow in sanctity. These Saints recognized these self-interests were graces from God, but they did not allow the pursuit of these interests to interfere with following God’s will in their life. God gives us all certain talents and it is clear from the parable that Jesus gave about talents that we should develop these for His glory. And it is also clear that God should have priority in our lives.

Many of us are teachers, musicians, firemen, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, electricians, nurses, hairdressers, woodworkers, etc., perhaps not great, but God has put us in these positions often times to do His will. Just because we do have other self-interests like sports, music, art, etc., it doesn’t mean that we can’t follow God’s will in our life or does it?

What constitutes following God’s will for our life? Well, keeping God first and at the center of our lives, and we do that by loving God with all of our might and loving our neighbor as our self, not merely with empty words or fleeting feelings or going through the motions. If our self-interests are distractions to allowing God to shape our lives and develop a personal relationship with Him and all our actions are self-serving, then we need to realign our priorities, if we are sincere about living a Christian life..

We are called to be like Jesus, to be more God like as we pass through this world, like the saints. Jesus was a man of action…sacrificial self-giving action. He loves and accepts us where we are, but expects us to grow in a love relationship with him and from this reciprocating love, we grow to want to follow His way and strive to become men and women of sacrificial self-giving action. When we look at our lives with Jesus as our model, it’s easy to see that many of our activities and self-interests can be distractions that can take us away from God, if we put too much emphasis on them. If we allow God to direct our lives, even while we pursue our self-interests, we can fulfill God’s will, if we hunger and pursue a closer and closer relationship with Jesus.

So…., concluding my worldly thought, what if Jesus did not choose to follow His father’s will and did not suffer His agony and death on the cross to save us of our sins to be reconciled with God the Father, what would our plight be? Well…, obviously Jesus would have been the greatest in any or all of the careers He might have chosen to pursue had He not said yes to fulfilling his mission. But that would leave us humans with no recourse to sin and we would all be immersed in our sinfulness with no way to the Father. He loved and loves us too much to allow that to happen. So the rest of what I might write concerning our plight is inconsequential because He was obedient to His Father’s will. Let us follow God’s will for our life as well.

Thank you, Jesus for loving us so much. Now this is a supernatural thought.